Billing Services

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At Access Accounting and Services we know how important it is to that you need to get paid faster from your customers and get cash flows into your business as quickly as possible. That’s why we have a dedicated billing system to get you paid fast and efficiently by providing the following services:

  • Prepare Invoices: You give us your customers’ billable information and will prepare the invoices, apply any discounts or late fees.
  • Process your billing accurately for fast cash receipts
  • We check customers billing addresses, and make sure the Invoice goes to the right person.
  • Your invoices will be mailed, e-mailed and faxed to ensure that your customer receive them on time.
  • Your customers will receive reminders that their bills are due once they are one day late and thereafter.
  • Keep your customers’ billing records up-to-date

Your customers billing address, name changes and Accounts Payable department changes will be updated as needed.